Hurricane Harvey Relief


Hurricane Harvey Relief

Hurricane Harvey Relief

How You Can Serve

1. Volunteer - click to volunteer with relief efforts

2. Friendly Baptist Hurricane Relief Fund - to help rebuild churches & homes

  • Text fybcgive to 73256 - Chose Hurricane Relief
  • Online giving

3. Give $25 pre-paid VISA cards.  Please bring to church office at 1903 E. Front St. Tyler, Texas.  Please make sure card is marked with amount.  These will be distributed by DPS officers and officers of the Texas Rangers on site in south Texas.

4. Southern Baptist of Texas Disaster Relief -- to help feed flood victims

5. Donate items

Drop off locations:
1. Kea General Contractors - 2913 Specialty Drive. Tyler, Tx., More info call 903.630.6137
2. Friendly Baptist, 1903 E. Front St. - Sunday (8 am to noon); Weekdays (8 am to 5 pm; Wed. 8 am to 8 pm). More info call 903-593-1572

> Dust Masks <
Baby Diapers          Paper towels             Toilet Tissue
Adult Diapers          Shampoo                   First Aid Kits
Diaper wipes           Deodorant                 Clorox wipes
Work gloves            Hand Sanitizer          Mosquito Repellent
Duct tape                Soap
Sun screen             Tooth Paste
Bug spray               Tooth Brushes
Trash bags preferably contractor bags

*** Please no water at this time ***

Pray requests:

  • Praise God - He is always there to help in times of trouble. Ps. 46 (see below)
  • Thank God for those helping to rescue people. Pray for their safety & strength.
  • People to find hope in Jesus Christ.
  • Emotional, mental and physical strength of those suffering loss and the volunteers helping them.
  • Families who have lost loved ones. 
  • Unity, determination and courage to rebuild.
  • Safety of all those working to help restore utilities and first-responders.
  • Wisdom for civic leaders as they lead and coordinate their teams.
  • Thank God for the amazing outpouring of generosity.
  • For Friendly to generously give to help our fellow Texans rebuild.