The Evans Family

Mark and Heidi, Emma and Meg, serving God in Asia and beyond
Missionaries with Youth With A Mission
Founders of BELT (Biblical Education & Leadership Training)

BELT (Biblical Education & Leadership Training)

THE VISION of BELT is to see people groups
transformed by the word of God through empowering community
and church leaders who have limited access to Biblical training.


YWAM (Youth With A Mission)
BELT (Biblical Education & Leadership Training)

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Ministry Updates


March: A View from Nepal
August: Fiji Summit


Jan 2016  (Tanzania to Mexico)
Feb 2016 - moving to SE Asia
May 2016 - Hello from Thailand
July 2016 - Power of Darkness (Thailand)
August 2016 - 1000 km Love Story (Myanmar, Thailand)
Oct 2016-Impacting the Hill Tribes (Thailand).pdf


March: The Touch Demons Fear; Resurrection in Vanuatu
April: The Dream (Nepal)
May: Landing During An Earthquake (Nepal)
August: Celebrating 20 Years! (Papua New Guinea)
October: Evans Update (Tanzania)
December: Christmas Update

January: Himalayan Happenings
March: Hola Guadalajara, Mexico
May: New Venture: Oral Bibles
July: Changing Lives 1 Foot at a Time
September: G'Day from the Land Down Under
November: D.R. Congo | Cultivating Nation Changers
December: Merry Christmas | Ministry Update

March: Fruit from one completed region in the DR Congo
June: Ongoing impact from first BELT seminar (Papua New Guinea)
August: From the Belizean tropics to the African jungles
October: Third region launched in the Congo
November: 5 Things to be Thankful For

March: Celebrating 25 years as a career missionary
June: The impact of one changed life (Nepal); Launch in Idaho
September: Hope for the Congo through application of Biblical truths

March: Launch of Bible School for the Nations, Nepal
May: Kosovo and Congo background checks
June: Shaping ideas in a new nation, Kosovo
September: Empowering leaders in the Congo
December: Christmas wishes from across the globe